Price List


Price Extra
Full set £25 Gels £28
Re-fill £15 Gels £18
Take off & Full set £30 Gels £33
Full Set glitters £30 Gels £33
Re-fill glitters £22 Gels £25
Full set + Gel Polish £40
Re-fill + Gel Polish £30
Pink & White full set £35
Pink & white re-fill £25
Full set glow in the dark powder £30
Refill glow in the dark powder £20
Full Set Ombre £40
Refill Ombre £30
Take Off + Full Set Ombre £45
Big toe nail extension £10
Big toe nail refill £6
Full Set Toes £35
Refill toes £25
Take off & manicure £15
Take off & polish £12
Take Off £10
Take Off Toes £12


Manicure & pedicure £33
Pedicure £25
Manicure £10
File & Nail Polish £5-8
File & Toe Polish £8-10
SNS Full Set £35
Take Off + SNS Full Set £40


Gel Polish Manicure £25
Gel Polish No Manicure/td> £20
Gel Polish Manicure + Chrome £20
Take Off + Gel Polish Manicure £30
Take Off + Gel Polish Manicure + Chrome £38
Gel Polish on toes £30
Gel Polish Toes + Chrome £38
Gel Polish pedicure £45
Gel Polish Manicure & Pedicure £65
Gel Polish take off (fingers) £5
Gel Polish take off (toes) £8
Hand design Nail art £3+
Permanent French Tips £3
Pointed Nails £3
Swarovski crystals x10 £3
Cut down £3
UV top coat £3
Chrome £8
Single nail repair £3


Price Time

Specialist in women’s intimate waxing, we use professional good quality Lyon wax along with their complimentary products to provide clean, hair free results with minimal client discomfort.

Eyebrows £6
Upper Lip £5
Chin £5
SideBurns £6
Full Face £30
Underarm (Hard wax) £10
Half Arm £15
Full Arm £22
Navel £3
Stomach £15
Full Back & Shoulders £30
Chest & Stomach £30
Basic Bikini (Hard wax) £15
Extended Bikini (Hard wax) £25
Brazilian (Hard wax) £29
Hollywood (Hard wax) £33
Half Leg £18
Full Leg £28
Fingers or Toes £5
Eyebrows £6
Upper Lip £5
Chin £5
Forehead £6
Cheeks £6
Sideburns £6
Full Face £30


We have a good variety of colours available to give you a natural and long lasting effect.

Eyelash Tint £15
Eyebrow Tint £8


HD Brows is a bespoke eyebrow treatment that is totally tailored to you. We combine our unique design formula with custom-blended colour, hair removal and make up application for brows that suit you.

HD Brows £30


A facial is essentially a multi-step skin treatment that is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. A facial cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin.

Basic Facial 30Min£25
Deep Cleanse                                       (cleanse, steam, extraction, mask, massage) 45Min £35
Problematic Facial 50Mins£40
Litting / Firming 45Mins£38
Herbil 45Mins£40
Back Cleanse 45Mins£35


Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body. Massage techniques are commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a device. The purpose of massage is generally for the treatment of body stress or pain.

Indian Head 10Mins£12 15Mins £15 20Mins £18
Full Body 60Mins£55
Back/Neck/Shoulders 30Mins
Legs 30Mins£30
Lymphatic Drainage 30Mins £35 60Mins £55
* a patch test for tinting/eyelash extensions must be carried out at least 24 hours before every first treatment with us. 

* Eye-makeup products including mascara should not be worn to your appointment to ensure that your extensions will last the longest.

* If you have naturally blonde/light eyelashes, eyelash tinting is required to be done before lash extensions.